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"360 International Advertising Unit (http://so.360.hk) is the overseas advertising arm of 360 Group, China's largest cyber security company. Powered by 360's cross-device product resources and 1bn+ users, the Unit prides itself in its "security" and "innovation" principles, and is dedicated to dynamic, integrated solutions to connect global brands with Chinese users. Since its establishment in 2014, the Unit has successfully helped clients penetrate China market and raise brand awareness considerably. Leveraging on office presence in Sydney, Denver and Amsterdam,, the Unit is able to serve its diversified clientele ranging from e-commerce, retail, travel, hospitality, education industries to public institutions, spanning over 23 countries/ regions. Notable clients inclue The University of Sydney, Hilton Group, Expedia, hotel.com, L'Oreal, ESPRIT, WeWork, iHerb, Mouser, among many others.

Note: 360 International Advertising Unit reserves the rights to select the event registration.

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